short I fiction

When games turn serious …


An old rivalry for a tender reason: win the sympathy of their only grand-daughter. Two grandpas end up on a duel where their friendship is about to crack


Cast: Karel Hábl & Pavel Hurčo

Written &  directed by: Valerio Mendoza Guillén.

Director of Photography: Patricia Santos.

Costumes: Olga Macutkevič

Production: Eva Pavlíčková

Sound: František Šec

Editing: Jorge Sánchez

Music: Adam Št’asta


Patricia (DOP) came to me with the idea to make a small western for Camera exercise called «directions». I thought of a story where two very old men constantly repeat a duel where no one get hurts and for tender reasons.

6 mins.⎪color⎪2016⎪HD


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