Now That I’m Home

fiction ⎪ short ⎪ drama

What does it take to really forgive?


After many years Stepan has finally decided to return home, just when his daughter, Nela, has managed to live her own life without a father… or so she thought.


Cast: Andrea Berecková, Roman Stolpa.

Directed by: Valerio Mendoza Guillén.

Script: Daniel Ibáñez & Valerio Mendoza Guillén

Produced by: Iveta Sestaková.

Cinematography by: Andrés Felipe Morales.

Editing by: Ilona Malá

Art Direction: Ana Mayerová

Costumes: Helena Tavelová

  • Cameraimage Film Festival (Poland).
  • Manaki Bros. Film Festival (Macedonia).
  • Lakino Film Festival. (Germnay)
  • Festival Internacional du Film de Nancy. (France)
  • ADF Film Festival. (USA)
  • FAMU FEST. (Czech Republic)
  • Salón Int. de la Luz. (Argentina)
  • Festival de Cine Venezolano (Chile).
  • Colombian Film Festival NYC (USA).
  • Intravenosa Film Festival. (Colombia)
  • Bogoshorts Sessions. (Colombia)
11 mins.⎪color⎪2015⎪1.78 : 1⎪ 2k ⎪ DCP


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